Collin D.

The apartments and grounds are on par with any top-end apartment complex. The amenities have unexpectedly become one of my favorite aspects of life at QT.

Audrey C.

I have always enjoyed the quality of the apartments and the safety. This place is very homey, and it does not make you feel like you are staying in a cruddy college apartment complex; Quarry Trail is top quality at an affordable price that I would recommend to all student apartment seekers.

Shaun K.

This has been by far my favorite place I have ever lived. I can’t even tell you how nice it is to live on top of the ridge away from every thing. It is a really nice quiet area. I absolutely love where I live at Quarry Trail.

Christopher G.

I lived at Quarry Trail for 2 consecutive years and I thoroughly loved it here. The events were nice, and the staff was awesome.